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All Taxi Vehicles are monitored and tracked remotely 24/7 for your safety. As well constant ongoing training of all our employees increases your in cab security.

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Yellow Cab Inc of Missoula, A online taxi booking service. All cabs viewable on the map are available for hire immediatly. If no cabs are viewable, you can still order Standard wait 10 to 25 mins average or please call for current wait time. Depending on distance service could take as little as 5 mins.

1. Create a free account by clicking on the sign in button. There is no cost and no Credit Card information needed. It's 100% Free to create an account and use the site to order Taxi's.

2. You Can Order a Taxi by:

​                                                     A. If Taxi's are viewable on the map above, Click on any Taxi and press                                                             Hail.

                                                     b. If no Cab's are viewable, Enter your address or business name in the                                                            top left, and your destination address or business name below that.

​                                                     c. Grab and drop the Green Flag where your pick-up location is, and                                                                  drop the checkered flag where you want to go.

 It’s as easy as that, all payments are handled in Taxi with your Yellow Cab Inc. of Missoula Driver.

You may pay with cash, debit or credit, but be warned Cab drivers like to make sure they will be paid and so will ask for payment in advance. 

 If you believe you are being overcharged you may ask the driver to check the fare with dispatch and or ask the driver for a receipt. If you believe a discrepancy exists you may contact a supervisor at Yellow Cab Inc. of Missoula to verify what your fare should have been. All Fares are registered with the Montana Public Service Commission and are charged accordingly. All Fares are checked and monitored heavily by Dispatch to guarantee consistency, Honesty and fairness. Please be aware that extra luggage, wait time, stops, passengers, or oversized pieces cost extra and can alter fares from base charges.