Yellow Cab Inc of Missoula

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Yellow Cab Inc of Missoula is an independant locally owned and operated Taxi Transportation Service* that has been in Operation since 1929. We Operate in the Missoula Five valleys to a distance of 50 miles from the County CourtHouse. With the largest fleet and the most experienced staff in the area operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your transportation needs.

Average Service times Depend on many factors including the amount of events currently occuring in Missoula, the weather and traffic conditions and the time of day. These service response times average around 20 minutes, depending on location. The Further away from the downtown area, the longer the response time. While we strive to supply everyones transportation needs, it is not possible to service all demands all of the time. Allowing for travel time, traffic conditions and peak demand are essential to succesfully obtaining service.  See the Taxi Services page for more details. All information, times and price quotes received from the Dispatch center are approximate and subject to change due to missing or incorrect information or events beyond our control. Calling multiple services or walking away from the location you ordered service for causes higher prices and longer wait times. A little patience and planning can go a long way!